Saturday, October 16, 2010

Problems with Wcf RIA services installation(or uninstallation)

Yesterday i installed the full version of vs2010 on my laptop(i had vs2010 express so far) and remove the vs2008.

All well, till i tried to create a silverlight application with Ria service.

First,when creating the Silverlight Application project i didn't have the "enable WCF Ria services" checkbox. that turned a red light, but i kept going… then i tried to add a Domain service to the web application but i couldn't! it wasn't in the list of items to add..

So i tried to uninstall and install the silverlight tools,toolkit and sdk about a 1000 times – didn't help! there was a time that i did get the "enable WCF Ria services" checkbox but it was disabled.

Then,i found a post somewhere that talked about old vs2008 installation of Ria services that should be uninstalled,so i looked in the control panel and searched for the installation of WCF Ria services, but trying to uninstall it led to nothing. it was still there no matter what i tried to do…

At the end, after heavy search on google i found the solution! removing some keys from the registry and the problem solved! (i had to install all silverlight stuff again and that's it).

The solution is described in here:

Good luck…